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Special Steel

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Taiwontech has been supplying high-quality precision speicial steel manufactured in Japan such as JFE, Osaka Steel, etc over 30 years. We also handle various speical steel manufactured in China, USA, and Korea.


Specialized in following field:


Precisoin Cold Drawing Plate - SS400, S45C, SUS304, SCM, etc

Precision Cold Drawing Pipe - SCM, SNCM, SUS, SC, SS

Precision Cold Drawing Profiles - SC, SMn, SCr, SCM, SNC, SNCM, SUS, SUH, SK, SKH, SKS, SKD, SKT, etc

Extract Steel - Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium

Lead Free Cutting Steel - SM, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Bearing Carbon Steel, Alloy Tool Steel

Hot Rolled Steel - SCM, SMn, SAE1541, SC, Sup, SAE1332T, 590N, 690N



Spring Steel, Spring steel plate, Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel Plate, Customized Profile, Cold Drawing Profile, Cold Drawing Steel, Carbon steel pipe, Alloy Steel pipe, Stainless pipe, Cold Drawing Pipe, Alloy stetel round bar, Carbon steel round bars, forging steel, etc.   


Imperial size(Inch size) Steel Sections

- Strutural: I beam, Channel, Converyor Structural Steel 



Precision Cold Drawing Profiles

Centrifugal casted special steel

- Decanter bowl, etc 



Precision Cold Drawing Profiles 

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Extract Steel, Steel Rail, Precision Extract Steel, Japanese Extract Steel

Cold Drawing Pipe, Alloy pipe, Stainless pipe, Carbon Steel pipe, airback gass tube, cold drawing tube

Specialty Steel, Cold Drawing Steel, Precision Cold Drawing Plate, Precision Cold Drawing bars, JFE, Osaka Steel